May 13

Hey everyone! An awesome viewer Betsy wanted to know how to download my videos for use on ipod, ect. Here are some tips!

  1. I’m in the process of uploading all my videos to vimeo. I’m off work today and should get a good chunk done. You can download them there provided that you have a free vimeo account. Just use the link on the right hand side.

  2. Install the “Easy Youtube Downloader” plugin for firefox, chrome, or safari web browsers (it’s very awesome) .

Firefox ->

Chrome ->

Safari ->

3.  Do a google search for websites that do google file conversion, they are usually less reliable and slow though!

written by The Marimbalogist

Nov 03

After some hardcore reference books, I managed to mod my gimp banner to the top of this site 🙂

So now that all the visuals are about done, it’s time to start making videos!!!  I just need to get a flash video camera that supports external microphones. I plan on using my Sony PCM-50 to capture the audio for my video blogs because camera microphone don’t do the marimba justice AT ALL. If you need proof, just check youtube.

Why flash video cameras? Well because the marimba plays so many different frequencies at high amplitude that hard drive camcorders have a high chance of breaking due to sympathetic vibrations. (more on that in our 2nd vblog) Tape cameras are ok except they are VERY LOUD.

Anyhow, we’re so close to launching!!! Then I’ll start promoting the crap out of this blog 🙂 Peace.

written by The Marimbalogist

Nov 01

Ok Social Networking is finally up. Facebook was a bit of pain since they don’t let websites make their own login’s anymore. You can only make a static page that is linked to your personal account. That means That you can’t post on someone’s wall as,  it only shows up as your name. Thus I’m becoming a bigger fan of twitter and tweekdeck 🙂

In other news, We’re all set t go to PASIC!!!  I’ll be bring you nightly coverage of the day’s events including pics, video, and audio. Yaaahooo! And this site hasn’t even “launched” yet 🙂

written by The Marimbalogist

Oct 31

Ok, Life has calmed down enough for me to start building this website up to it’s original intended glory 🙂 After 2 hours of gimp tutorial videos and 2 more hours of work, I created these icons for the twitter/facebook/myspace accounts 🙂

twitter logosmall marimbalogy logo with water and text transcropedlogo

written by The Marimbalogist