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. Here is the stuff I wrote. Feel free to copy and distribute to your liking. I only ask that if you plan on arranging it that you contact me first and that my name and website appear on any derivative work.



Basic 8ths 2010


Space Invaders

Green Scales

quadratic formula

written by The Marimbalogist

8 Responses to “Episode 6: Two Mallet Exercises”

  1. 1. Jeff Sass Says:

    Thanks Charlie for this episode. I have downloaded Quadratic Formula to check that out. Sorry about the chickens!

  2. 2. henry de meyer Says:

    hi guys and dolls, hendrik is a concert marimba builder.ive got seven, three octave chromatic marimbas. oak ,maple,rosewood,beach, iroko plus one alto three soprano and two picolos.all chromatic.tuned to 444 hertz solfeggio. im glad i found youre site,cause i need to learn to play my babys {starting a marimba band as well) i will send u photos.if i know where to kind regards hen

  3. 3. komas Says:


  4. 4. Charlie Nesmith Says:


  5. 5. Xhapeir Newbrook Says:

    God this is 10 times more fun to play in the band room! ^.^ Thank you very much!

  6. 6. lisa Says:

    Hi, I’m learning xylophone and really pleased I found this site, really well set up and properly inspiring! seems marimba is much easier to find info on, and hopefully quite transferable? I’ve a question about 2 mallet single note rolls-should the mallets alternately hit the centre of the note or is it ok to stagger the mallets and hit off of centre? The latter making for an easier faster roll for a beginner-don’t wan’t to be picking up any bad habits though. Any thoughts on this?

  7. 7. mario monaco Says:

    Thanks a lot for your lessons

  8. 8. kate Says:

    Thanks so much for these exercises – saved me heaps of time writing them out for my students. Kind regards

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