Mallet Wrapping

Don’t throw away those unraveled mallets! Just rewrap them! Believe it or not, the Leigh Steven’s mallets from Mallettech are wrapped by hand! So grab some yarn and  an old mallet that you have laying around and give this a try!

I found this guy on Youtube and he does a really good job of explaining how to wrap a mallet! Don’t be fooled though, it does take some practice! My wife isn’t a percussionist and she’s way better at this than me 🙂

On a side note, He does not actually re-wrap the IP mallet, but instead a homemade mallet with a wood core. This is why it sounds so brittle when he plays the marimba with it at the end of the video!


Build your own Marimba!

Here is an awesome time lapse video of Jim from He did this in 5 days and time lapsed it to 4 minutes!


La Favre: The best homemade marimba I’ve ever seen!


Check out this guys website at for instructions on how to build this! he includes a lot of really good information about the acoustics of the marimba as well!


“RocketScientist” the rugged homemade marimba!

rocketscientist marimba

Here is a treat from It includes a very detailed step by step process. Check it out at


Make your marimba height adjustable!

A big thanks to Michael Chwe for creating this website that tells you how to make your marimba height adjustable without breaking the bank!!!

Check it out! How to make your marimba height-adjustable