Free Music!

Gymnopedie #1 - A Classic piano work scored for marimba and vibes.

Marimba Exercises

These are free to use and distribute, but my name must remain on them.
No publication rights are given without permission from me.

Two Mallet Exercises

Not your Dad’s 8ths - Legato Stroke Exercise with fun scales. Also good for use with inner mallets

Bones - Legato exercise inspired by an old Crossmen warm up

Space Invaders - Exploring the concept of “Ideo-Kinetics” (feeling the notes without looking)

Quadratic Formula - Formulaically takes you through most types of 3 and 4 note chords based off a single root note.

Green Scales - A classic scale builder. Good for building speed!

Munnah Moht - This total-not-spelled-backwards-exercise works on timing various 16th rhythms with natural sticking.

Four Mallet Exercises

Duda - an EDM inspired Double Vertical Warm up

La Poule Se Chauffe - Fun block chord Double Vertical Warm Up

P.M. - Simple interval changing exercise designed to be played with one hand at a time. For extra fun, you can play the vibe part with both hands at the same time. (the marimba part would overlap if you tried this)

Octave Crawler - This is a more advanced interval changing exercise that does a REALLY good job of building up your correct octave technique. (for Stevens grip, that means the inner mallet should be under the base of your middle finger)

In the Hall of the Mountain King - Written as a single stroke exercise, this can be played in performance as well.